When it comes to your dog's diet, you of course want your dog to eat healthy, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to get a prescription for a specific type of dog food. This is only necessary in some cases where your dog's health is much poorer than the average dog of the same size, gender, and breed. Here are five specific reasons you might want to look into prescription dog food:

  1. Your Dog's Kidneys are Failing: If your dog has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure, you are going to need to drastically change their diet with a specific prescription dog food. You need a food that has moderate amounts of protein along with reduced sodium. This is going to support the muscles for digestion and make your dog a whole lot more comfortable. 
  2. Your Dog Has Allergies: You might have noticed problems with certain brands of dog food. It's best to talk with your vet to determine what your dog might be allergic to in order to formulate a prescription for a dog food that won't irritate your dog's allergies. 
  3. Your Dog Has Gastrointestinal Problems: Gastrointestinal problems not only cause your dog to smell bad, but can also be quite uncomfortable for them. If you notice problems, such as bad smelling gas, you should talk to your vet in order to determine whether or not there might be gastrointestinal problems. If so, a prescription food will be provided. These foods are often low in fiber and fat to make the digestion process a bit easier. 
  4. Your Dog Has Joint Problems: If your dog has problems with their joints, a prescription dog food that is high in omega-3s and antioxidants can help promote joint health. This is going to help make your dog a bit more comfortable and potentially have fewer flare-ups.
  5. Your Dog is Overweight: If your dog is badly overweight, it can lead to a number of major health problems. It's best to address the problem head on as soon as it is noticed to get your dog back to a healthier lifestyle. Your vet can provide a prescription dog food that is going to be best for your dog's breed and gender to help promote weight loss in the healthiest way possible while still keeping your dog nutritionally satisfied. 

When you know some of the top five reasons to look into prescription dog food for your dog, you will then know when it's something that should be brought up with your veterinarian